Conduit Manufacturing and Production Process Air Duct Company

We are happy to present MULTILINE INDUSTRIES, as an individual from the MULTILINE Group of Companies. The gathering has been related with numerous Air Duct company Ventures in gulf and India by executing the HVAC and electrical undertakings. Every one of the items is fabricated under Standards, for example, ASHRAE, SMACNA, AND DW-142

Air duct company
Air duct company

We produce and supply the items under the brand name VECON. The presentation of VECON items are the consequences of times interest for the quality arranged detail, and the hand of good experience functional group with prime adage to give best quality item in the market. Our industrial facility at Dubai and Kochi has demonstrated its ability to creating pipes of worldwide measures for some high activities.

Our Products Incorporate

  • Duct system with unrivaled quality low spillage and vibration free item
  • Variable air volume control units vav s made with military conforming to dw142 and dw 144
  • Volume control damper vcd s made with 18 checks electrifies steel sheets and the weld joints are secured by rust sealing covering
  • Sand traps louvers
  • Kitchen hood
  • Pre-insulated duct
  • Sound attenuators
  • Air filters
  • Gi trunking for links the board framework

In an HVAC framework, there are ordinarily when there is a requirement for conduits for providing molded just as outside air to a specific indoor territory from the machine and as a result of this reason channel framework works have picked up significance in HVAC framework. Pipes are utilized for warming, ventilation, and cooling to convey or evacuate the air.

Conduits are accessible for the most part in two kinds Rectangular, and Circular pipes, however, can be made of various material like G.I Mild steel, Stainless steel, and aluminum. Introducing Duck work has numerous points of interest like decreasing power charges by right diverting and estimating as per the wind current; however, this can be accomplished distinctly with great quality channels and qualified establishment experts.

Conduit Manufacturing and Production Process

  • After accepting the labeled illustration a creation plan is set up for the conduits to be made in the wake of planning with the client
Air duct company
Air duct company
  • The fabricator gets the creation of timetable and measurements of the conduit to be made
  • CNC operator inputs the information into the cnc machine for example loop line or plasma shaper
  • The square conduits are prepared through the CNC worked coil line machine to make pipes of 1200mm standard length this pipe is then gone through the pipe zipper for crease joining and automatic precision cleat twisting machine for c spikes to frame total conduit at each stage a production line foreman is persistently observing the quality after fruition these pipes are sent to the quality investigation by the quality assurance department