Best Bike Shop in Warsaw & Warsaw Cycling Review

There are two different ways to open a bicycle from the rack. One is through the Veturilo application, and the other is by entering your versatile number and mystery code into the keypad at the station. The quickest technique is the application, yet this requires resourceful information. If you’re a visitor without versatile details, at that point the keypad strategy is best for you.

bike shop in Warsaw
bike shop in Warsaw

Keypad Method

When you set up a bike shop in Warsaw account with Veturilo, you’ll enter a portable number, and on fulfillment, you’ll be sent a passcode through SMS (you can change this passcode using their site to something more straightforward for you to recall).

When remaining before the bicycles, you’ll see each bike has a five digit number composed as an afterthought. Make a note of the bicycle number which you need to take as you’ll have to enter which like the dock ought to open.

You can choose your language between English, Polish, German or Russian. You will at that point enter the correct telephone number you made your record with. When this data has been entered accurately, you’ll find here a ‘blare’ from the bicycle dock, and you can expel the bicycle with a slight pull. A few docks can be more straightforward than others to dismiss so give it a touch of power and draw.

Veturilo App (Requires Portable Web)

Utilizing the application for the Warsaw city bicycles is the most simple and quickest approach to open the bike you need from the dock, yet it requires you to have a versatile web. You just open the application, select ‘examine QR’ and on the back of the bicycle you’ll discover a QR code: You hold your telephone over this code, and inside a couple of moments you’ll hear the dock ‘signal,’ and you would then be able to pull the bicycle from the pier. It can at some point take a touch of power contingent upon the age of the dock.

Cost and Fines

The Warsaw City Bikes are by a wide margin the least expensive approach to investigate the city (other than strolling). They are practically free if you remain inside the apportioned time. When you have made a record and stored 10zl, you can start riding. If you return a bicycle inside 19 minutes, the ride cost nothing. If you return it inside 21 minutes, at that point, you’ll charge 1zl from the 10zl you kept. If you fall beneath 10zl, for instance, if you have 9zl in your record you won’t probably lease a bicycle, so hence we exceptionally prescribe storing 20zl to cover yourself.

bike shop in Warsaw
bike shop in Warsaw

The following is the official costs and fines for not restoring your bicycle (right as of April 2017). If your bike is stolen, at that point we very prescribe calling veturilo at the earliest opportunity. The number can be found at any bicycle dock.